Who’s ready for numbers? Thursday, Verizon, the greatest US carrier, reported it activated 3.1 million iPhones inside of the third quarter – the three-month period ending on September 30th. About 650,000 were iPhone 5s, meaning the iPhone 5 accounts for a bit of over One inch every 5 iPhones sold.

Remember Apple’s iPhone 5 was introduced Gucci mini ipad case on September 21st, which translates to mean it had become on discount sales for through week. Simply because period the iPhone was 46 percent in consideration of smartphones. And overall smartphones now account for 53 hello kitty iphone 5 case percent of handsets that Verizon sells.

Verizon says 4G LTE devices, like iPhone 5, rose to 16.5 percent inside the company’s handset sales. The carrier introduced seven models of 4G LTE handsets while in the third quarter. Now and the iPhone have impressive 3D hello kitty iphone 5 case numbers, Android based phones slightly outpaced these for 3.4 million units.

And finally all in all iPhone and Android comprised earnings of 6.5 million units away from total 6.8 smartphones Verizon sold. Tenacious 300,000 were split between Microsoft and Industry. Enough numbers for you?