The iPhone 5 went on sale in the states, Canada and seven other major markets on September 21st along with following week to 22 more countries. While, Samsung released the Samsung galaxy s III on Louis Vuitton Galaxy Note 2 caseMay 29th, 4 months ago. By July this is bought in 145 countries, shipping 20 million units by September 6th. In some niches the iPhone 5 was able to overtake websites traffic of an Samsung galaxy s III.

The iPhone 5 included 56% inside the wbe traffic observed across Chitika’s mobile ad network when Gucci iPhone 5 Case using the Galaxy S III comprising the residual 44% of traffic. Laptop computer is dependant an individual agent analysis on numerous mobile ad impressions from October 3rd through October 9th.

Chitika concludes:

This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem isn't really welcome news for Samsung, consisting of positioned its device like a direct competitor at the iPhone 5. While optimizing online content for both devices continues to be smart move for businesses targeting mobile consumers, gucci iphone 4 case this comparison emphasizes iPhone users still being possibly the most active – so because of this marketable – people that use mobile Web.

It could be noted truly across just one network and just via ad impressions. May well as the whole story.

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