The fundamental ones first. 5 Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 Case million iPhone 5s were sold by means of first weekend ultimately had sell outs. This may most iPhones ever sold during an opening weekend. Which is the most phones ever sold throughout an opening weekend. To look with that, 3 million iPods, both new nano and touch, were sold. In exactly 1 month, 200 million devices upgraded to iOS 6. This is the fastest upgrade ever. Gucci iPhone 5 Case Additionally, 2 weeks ago, the 100 millionth iPad was sold. The iPad now accounts for over 90% of tablet more web site traffic.

In addition to tech numbers, various of user related numbers. 124 million documents with the cloud, 300 billion messages sent (approximately 28,000 per second), 160 million ferrari iphone 4 case game center accounts and 70 million shared photos.

The app store also got its numbers. 700,000 apps are in the app store there is may be more than 275,000 iPad apps. An entire of 35 billion apps are actually downloaded with the store in one payemnt having whopping $6.5 billion given out to developers.