Casing iPhones has developed into really big thing. So big, actually, that some brands like Whipster Gear have hit it quite large inside the financial sector thanks Chanel iPad Mini Case to their retro-styled ipad cases.

The Midland Daily News covering beats in Ontario, Canada, possesses a story precisely how Whispter Gear will be across the financial radar lately after to make it quite big selling retro looking iPhone cases on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Joseph Azulay, VP of economic Development commented about why Whipster might have been making a very splash. Saying

“Whipster Gear ipad cases are highly not the same the mainstream as their old-fashioned design is developed to allow customers a truly retro feel,” “The feedback we have got received from ferrari iphone 4 case early purchasers might be overwhelmingly positive,”

You can find a Whispter Gear iPhone case right now for under $29.95 among the official Whipster website. Designs Chanel iPhone 5 Caserange from everything as snazzy just like a cigarette pack with a typewriter for the makeup case. They truly are hip designs having a retro flair.