An innovative new, improved, updated and looking and better performing mail service from Yahoo has launched today for a variety of services, including iOS.

Mac Rumors bought the news, and per Yahoos CEO, Marissa Meyer

Weve redesigned the new version of Yahoo! Mail with speed in your – during your emails is faster than before. Weve also made your inbox more intuitive and easier to navigate, so that you can pay attention to what matters most: your messages. And, because mobile is everything in these modern times, Yahoo! Mail featuring a homogenous appearance and feel across devices.

This is exceptionally best thing for anybody who enjoyed using Yahoos mail service but hated poor people Chanel Galaxy Note 2 case compatibility and across mobile OS devices.

Vivek Sharma, Gm of Yahoo Mail also had the main things to discuss around the new compatibility and fixes that Yahoo implemented to the mail service, saying

Our new, native apps are created for speed. It's possible to scan your inbox and quickly triage – starring important messages that are wanting follow-up, filing messages to folders and deleting unimportant ones – chanel iphone 4 case all of your inbox. With infinite scroll, it's easy louis vuitton ipad case to find emails from last month and also, during 2009.

Theyve also tweaked load time and page flips, so youll reduce costs time progressing to your mail and many more time reading it. Consistent with Sharma, a collective of 36 million minutes is saved each day checking mail via Yahoo during a mobile device.

The Yahoo Mail app for mobile devices is now entirely on the app store, for free.

A Chinese woman from Newn, Massachusetts encountered the brute force of American public when she was tasered once or twice while trying to get multiple iPhones.

According to CNN, the 44-year-old woman, Xiaojie Li, had already purchased two iPhone 5 handsets with the Apple Store in Nashua, New Hampshire. She made an effort to purchase another iPhone 5 yet the store manager refused.

Li went back the next day louis vuitton galaxy s3 case and also the store manager refused to provide gucci galaxy s3 case her an apple iphone 5 due to two-per customer limit. Eighteen hours prior to had $16,000 and was happy to buy more iPhone 5 units women and men store manager called police since she refused to end after which it they tasered her, as shown on the video below.

Many speculate that Li was trying to get multiple iPhone 5 handsets and then sell on them at the black market for just a higher price than what she paid, which is she had the $16,000.

However, there's an ongoing investigation into whether police used extreme force to apprehend in Chanel Galaxy Note 2 case excess of and whether two officers taking on the 44-year-old with tasers was necessary.

When you are into rustic wooden furnishings to your iPhone, then youll probably see the new R2-D2 dock for iPhones.

Technabob caught the air waves of an news and posted up quite relating to burberry mini ipad case the new docking station, which looks about as impressive as it would be expensive, and oh boy is this hand-carved, hard-wood docking station expensive.

Designed by Mario Valliswood, the R2-D2 docking station works with the iPhone 3G, iphone 4, iPod Touch, apple iphone 4, iPhone 4S louis vuitton galaxy s3 case additionally the inimitable iPhone 5.

You can grab the new R2-D2 docking station from Etsy only for $210.00. Oh, and youll are required chanel ipad 4 case to provide yours cords for charging your iDevice.